Hands, eyes and minds at work in a team game with perfect gears. Passion and professionalism unite people in #Pasqualicchio, specialized for 50 years in the construction of industrial and residential boilers, generators, stoves and fireplaces. Pasqualicchio is at the customer’s service to provide effective and tailor-made solutions. Everything strictly Made-in-Italy.


The elegance and efficiency to heat your places.

Let yourself be warmed up in complete safety and comfort. Kristal is perfect for you who love beauty and practicality. With its lines and geometry it is the ideal companion to pamper you in the coldest winters. The cheapness of biomass ensures safe savings compared to methane, gas or diesel. Kristal, as well as all the heating stoves in the Pasqualicchio range, is characterized by high energy efficiency and very low CO2 emissions, and falls within the incentive measure defined Conto Termico 2.0 and has 4 environmental stars.

Compact Power Plus

Sophisticated technology and maximum performance.

Compact Power Plus is the pellet and hazelnut boiler that fully automatically gives you comfort and heat when and how you want. It is the boiler that gives the right warmth to your rooms. Compact Power Plus can be conveniently programmed via the WI-FI app even when you are away from home. In addition, the special technology makes it really eco-friendly. The very low emissions and high efficiency make the Compact Power Plus a 5-star boiler that can benefit from the Thermal Account incentives.

The elegant touch-screen display gives it that extra touch in terms of technology and aesthetics.


The wide range of Pasqualicchio boilers and generators, distinguished by different and distinctive technologies, as well as the wide range of available powers, allow to satisfy different needs in terms of heating. All models have in common the principle of polycombustion, being able to burn pellets, hazelnut and wood chips, with high efficiency and very low emissions. The Pasqualicchio series allows to heat not only civil and industrial environments, but also greenhouses, farms, floricultural cultivations.

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With Pasqualicchio you can heat, furnish and save money in one go! The different models, materials and colours offer a wide choice in terms of aesthetics and allow you to select the most suitable stove for your home. Thanks to the studied technology, the result of years of experience, with any model, you can benefit from the incentives provided by the Thermal Account or tax deductions. Thanks to their high efficiency and high yield, Pasqualicchio stoves can be installed in regions where a minimum environmental classification of 4 stars is required.

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Designed for you who love technology, Pasqualicchio offers a series of boilers characterised on the one hand by the compactness of the external structure, as they are equipped with a single ‘dress’ that incorporates tank and boiler body; on the other hand, characterised by particular and different technologies. All the boilers are certified for the Conto Termico, have the maximum rewarding coefficients and have an environmental classification equal to 4 and 5 stars, therefore they can be installed in any area of Italy. From today, you can heat yourself, respecting the environment!

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