Heater with a modern and attractive design. Silent, automatic and certified for Conto termico 2.0.

*Kristal is EN 14785 certified in class 5 pellets


Kristal is the new EN 14785 certified hydro stove in class 5 with 4 environmental stars. It’s can burn pellets and olive-pit in a fully automatic way. It has an elegant glass covering (front, side and top)
with curved and harmonious shapes to satisfy lovers of style. Kristal satisfies both the aesthetic and the functional side. It’s equipped with automatic ignition, large hermetically sealed fuel tank, automatic cleaning of the tube bundle and double front door (one internal glass ceramic hermetically sealed and one external with aesthetic function and protection from burns). The retractable handle is also
an intuitive system for the safety of children in addition to a design element in addition to a design element, Kristal is equipped with a control and command display and hydraulic components with expansion tank and high efficiency circulator. By equipping the machine with the WI-FI device, it is possible to control it remotely, in complete comfort.


Hermetically sealed tank

Kristal is equipped with a large fuel storage tank with an airtight closing system that blocks the entry of air from the outside thus creating complete insulation ensuring better combustion and maximum efficiency.

Glass coating and curved shapes

Kristal, in addition to its curved shapes, presents an elegant glass covering designed for modern, contemporary, industrial and nordic environments. A real touch of style by Pasqualicchio.

Automatic cleaning and turbulators

The stove is equipped with automatic cleaning of the tube bundle. The movement of the turbulators (standard), in addition to improving the heat exchange and the efficiency of the machine helps to clean the pipes from the residues of fumes. Thus improving their performance

Double door and secure opening

Kristal has an internal glass-ceramic door with hermetic closure and an external door with aesthetic function both with retractable opening handle. For maximum safety for children.

Hydraulic components and easy connection

Expansion tank and high-efficiency, fuel-efficient circulator are standard hydraulic components. Connection to the hydraulic network is quick and easy.