Hot air generator, particularly suitable for burning wood chips (with humidity higher than 30%), as well as chopped biomass of small size. Available in different powers, suitable for environments such as greenhouses, warehouses, workshops, carpentries, nurseries, breeding farms.


The GAB air heater is capable of heating by burning not only traditional fuels such as pellets and olive-pit but also wood chips and sawdust. Suitable for rooms without a hydraulic system. The GAB
Pasqualicchio uses the proven geometry with 3 horizontal smoke rounds to make the most of the combustion fumes. It is suitable for supplying heat in rooms such as warehouses, workshops, greenhouses, nurseries, livestock farms and thanks to the adaptability of the air diffusion system it can also heat near the place of installation by means of the standard arrangement of frontal and lateral splits, or in one or more positions far from the generator by means of a ducting plenum to be optionally ordered.


Truncated cone fuel tank

The fuel tank has a truncated cone shaped allows a easy descent of the larger-sized fuel such as wood chips. The system is equipped with a vane stirrer consisting of a propeller that mechanically moves the stored material so as to avoid blocks or delays in the outflow of fuel. In the fuel tank there is a sensor that alerts acoustically and visually in case of exceeding the minimum level of fuel so as to intervene before the complete.


The automatic ignition (standard up to 80kw) is supplied cold by the ceramic glow plug in memory fire mode with a significantly lower energy consumption than traditional metal glow plugs. The ceramic has a long life and does not age with time.

Cast iron burner

The GAB burner, completely made of cast iron, has a higher resistance to high temperatures, as well as greater durability over time. This material allows a more immediate and optimal combustion. The particular shape is suitable for more difficult fuels such as wood chips and sawdust.

Stheel chamber

The combustion chamber is made of steel and has a strong resistance to high temperatures. Its shape allows an optimal combustion and a very efficient heat exchange.

Electric fun

The powerful electric fan allows the hot air to be pushed towards the split, or the duct, at the output of the generator. The fan flow rate allows the right amount of hot air to be released depending on the power and the heatable surface