Polycombustible boiler that can burn even wood chips (fuel with humidity above 30%) available in different powers, suitable for civil and industrial environments.

*The boiler is designed to burn triti fuels. Itt is also possible to burn wood or briquettes in small quantities and not continuously. For the priority use of wood we recommend the purchase of Aspiro Plus or a CS5-W combined.

CSB Marina

CSB Marina is the Pasqualicchio polycombustible fuel that can also burn wood chips and sawdust, as well as pellets, olive-pit, wood and small size triti fuels. Equipped with a truncated cone hopper with internal agitator its fuel loading system on one side and the special burner on the other allow you to transport and burn more difficult fuels. The CSB Marina is available in powers from 34kW to 4000kW. Thanks to the wide range of powers it is able to meet the needs of heating and domestic hot water production in residential, civil and industrial premises. Equipped with efficient safety systems, the boiler can be equipped with options for the control and automation of the same. The boiler is equipped with the hydraulic components necessary for connection to the system.


Storage silo geometry

The fuel tank has a truncated cone shaped allows a easy descent of the larger-sized fuel such as wood chips. The system is equipped with a vane stirrer consisting of a propeller that mechanically moves the stored material so as to avoid blocks or delays in the outflow of fuel. In the fuel tank there is a sensor that alerts acoustically and visually in case of exceeding the minimum level of fuel so as to intervene before the complete emptying.

Wood-pellet/olive-pit selector

Automatic switching from wood fuel to other chopped material settable by the control unit. This function allows the boiler to switch to the chopped fuel in case of exhaustion of the stock of wood in a fully automatic way.


The standard automatic glow plug ignition for 34 and 40 kw power is supplied cold by the ceramic glow plug in memory fire mode with significantly lower power consumption than conventional metal glow plugs. The ceramic glow plug has a long service life and does not age over time.

Safety lock system

Safety valve located between the silos and the combustion chamber. It allows a perfect insulation of the hopper avoiding any air passage between it and combustion chamber.

Solid structure

CSB Marina has a load-bearing structure made of thick sheet steel. The sturdiness of the material extends the life cycle of the product and is suitable to withstand thermal stresses and functional thrust pressures by means of special traction bars.


  • Technical data

    Nominal output Dimension Kg
    34kw L-2100*H-1516*D-1220 700
    40kw L-2100*H-1516*D-1220 700
    60kw L-2110*H-1516*D-1220 820
    80kw L-2110*H-1516*D-1220 920
    99kw L-1120*H-1516*D-2765 1000
    130kw L-1320*H-1871*D-2950 1520
    180kw L-1320*H-1871*D-3200 1780
    230kw L-1320*H-1871*D-3500 2010
    300kw L-1470*H-2221*D-4130 3220
    400kw L-1470* H-2221*D-4480 3620
    500kw L-1470* H-2221*D-4810 4020

    *for powers over 500kW apply to info@pasqualicchio.it

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