Class 5 pellet or olive-pit boiler available in various powers, suitable for civil and industrial environments.


CS5 is the Pasqualicchio boiler certified EN 303:5 2012 in class 5 that can benefit from incentives for the thermal account. A certified pellet multi-fuel boiler consisting of an automatic fuel loading system
with a double-step auger, internal insulation on all surfaces, standard turbulators, separate primary and secondary combustion air management. The entire combustion chamber is made of refractory
material resistant to high temperatures and the particular conformation of the burner allows the differentiated blowing of the air, for optimal combustion. The CS5 has a large heat exchange surface and is equipped with turbulators as standard, for greater and better heat exchange.


Continuous control unit

The CS5 comes standard with an electric thermoregulator in continuous mode (inverter), useful for combustion control. This system allows to modulate the its power in operation of the heat demand.

Differentiated combustion air management

The boiler board automatically controls the amount of air required for optimal combustion. The flow of primary and secondary air is separated. Preheating the combustion air before blowing it into the chamber improves combustion and machine efficiency.

Automatic ignition

The standard automatic ignition is provided cold by the ceramic glow plug in memory fire mode with significantly lower power consumption than conventional metal glow plugs. The ceramic glow plug has a long service life and does not age over time.

Cast-iron burner

The cast-iron burner is resistant to very high temperatures. Its cylindrical structure allows to direct the flow of the flame and generate heat in an optimal way through combustion at high temperature.


The turbulators are helical steel bars inside the smoke duct, which allow to slow down, as well as to stress, the path of the hot fumes. This stress improves the efficiency and efficiency of the boiler.

Full insulated

The CS5 is completely insulated on all surfaces with fiberglass and vermiculite. The total insulation of the body zeroes the dispersion ending and maximizing the performance and efficiency