Combination wood-pellet boiler with bolier with coil for standard ACS production. Suitable for civil and industrial environments.

CS5 – W

CS5-W is the combined wood-pellet boiler that provides fully automatic heating and domestic hot water production as it has a capacious boiler with double layer finned copper coil for integrated
production. CS5-W has a unique combustion chamber, inside which they automatically convey the pellets or olive-pit stored in the large side hopper, and the wood in abundant quantities which is
loaded manually. CS5-W heats and produces domestic hot water, making the most of the venturi effect. The fumes produced by automatic combustion (concomitant or alternating), thanks to an
aspirator, flow into the exchanger at 3 turns of smoke and give off maximum heat. The boiler ensures optimal combustion as it manages primary and secondary air in a differentiated way, and minimum
dispersions guaranteed by the thermal insulation of the front doors. CS5-W is the boiler suitable for those who want to satisfy different needs with a single solution.


Combined combustion and single chamber

The CS5-W is a combined boiler that can automatically burn (concurrent or alternating) wood and chopped such as pellets and olive-pit, and produce domestic hot water thanks to the presence of the boiler with integrated coil. It consists of a large and strong combustion chamber that can hold chopped fuels in the lower part, and a high wood capacity in the upper part through a sturdy and thick
support surface. The CS5-W produces heat automatically and optimally thanks to a suitable parametric fuel/air combination, even in wood-only mode. All the necessary fuel charge can be positioned on the wood combustion control and storage surface for a long service life.

Fuel supply system

The pellets are supplied in the chamber automatically by the steel screw conveyor, which draws from the attached loader. The screw is equipped with a pellet hopping shut-off valve, which is activated in case of flame return from the combustion chamber. The loader is equipped with a pellet level sensor, which alerts you acoustically if the minimum threshold of fuel in the hopper is exceeded.
The wood is manually loaded by opening the front door. The large volume of the combustion chamber allows a long operating autonomy in wood mode, and a consequent lower number of fuel loads.

Forced suction and Venturi effect

The combustion of the wood makes it necessary to extract the fumes. Due to the principle of the venturi effect, the CS5-W vacuum cleaner blades always remain perfectly clean and free of tar deposits (so-called creosote). This mechanism guarantees a longer machine life cycle.

Boiler with domestic hot water production

CS5-W produces domestic hot water in a fully automatic and integrated way, thanks to the boiler with coil located on the back of the machine. The large containing capacity of the boiler (about 100lt) and the finned copper coil particularly suitable for the rapid production of hot water with a production capacity of 15 liters, guarantee a perfect and fast delivery.

On-board electronics and touch screen display

The particular on-board electronics, allows to manage all the functions in a simple and automatic way. All the automatisms related to the boiler operation are perfectly parameterized. The controller is
programmed to manage the heating circuit and the sanitary circuit. The touch screen display allows access to all functions in a simple and intuitive way.

Solid structure

CS5-W has a load-bearing structure made of thick sheet steel. The sturdiness of the material extends the life cycle of the product and is suitable to withstand thermal stresses and functional thrust pressures by means of special traction bars.

Automatic ignition

The automatic ignition is supplied cold by the ceramic ingniter in memory fire mode with a significantly lower energy consumption than traditional metal glow plugs. The ceramic has a long life and does not age with time. CS5-W starts with automatic pellet or olive-pit ignition.