Compact multi-fuel compact boiler (pellet or olive-pit) in class 5 with touch screen display, automatic brazier cleaning and lambda sensor.

*Compact Power Plus is certified EN 303:5 class 5 pellets.

Compact Power Plus

Compact Power Plus is the top of the range Pasqualicchio. It is the intelligent boiler that can produce fully automatically DHW (optional) and heat small and large areas. It has a solid steel coating and a strong load-bearing structure and is insulated with fiber-glass and vermiculite, thus increasing the capacity of hermetic seal thanks to the closing system, thus promoting efficient and optimal combustion. The efficiency of the combustion is further guaranteed by the integrated system of separate management of primary and secondary air. The standard lambda sensor ensures perfect flame control.
The Compact Power Plus can count on fully automatic and intelligent cleaning systems thanks to the self-emptying of the brazier and the tube bundle. The modern touch screen display allows direct, intuitive and complete control of the entire boiler. The innovative electronic board allows complete programming and customization. The boiler can be managed remotely thanks to the WI-FI App and the GSM modem.



Controlled combustion chamber

The cylindrical shape and the refractory material allow the combustion chamber of the Compact Power Plus to withstand temperatures close to 1500°C. Thanks to its shape as a thermal insulator, it is able to maintain combustion at an optimal temperature for a longer period of time. The particular geometric composition of the chamber favours the stoichiometric introduction of combustion oxygen. The fuel supply in analog mode allows a subtle control in the generation of heat. The proportional management of the primary and secondary air intake allows controlled combustion. In addition, the Compact Power Plus preheats the primary and secondary air in order to optimize combustion.

Self-cleaning brazier

A sliding grate on the base of the brazier is automatically activated on the basis of predefined parameters, so that the brazier can expel the ash by conveying it into a large dedicated drawer. The brazier moves during nominal operation and final cleaning. This system allows an optimal and autonomous cleaning of the boiler.

Self-cleaning tube bundle

The heat exchanger consists of a vertical bundle of 8 smoke tubes with a descending rectangular section and 8 smoke tubes with an ascending circular section. This conformation allows to have a larger heat exchange surface and consequently a higher and better efficiency. The presence of springs inside the tubes allows the constant and automatic cleaning of the tube bundle even in the nominal phase. This system also helps to extend the time of permanence of the fumes inside the tubes and to create turbulence inside the exchanger, thus increasing the exchange and the performance of the machine.

Smoke extraction and lambda probe

The smokes extraction fan of the Compact Power Plus contributes to the regulation of the air supply useful for combustion. The variability of the speed of the induced draught guarantees stable and effcient combustion. Thanks to the presence of the lambda sensor, which is used to evaluate the oxygen value of the exhaust fumes, it is possible to adjust the operation of the smokes extractor in order to ensure optimal combustion. This means fewer cleaning cycles and less maintenance.

Separate combustion air management

The electronic controller controls the amount of air required for optimal combustion automatically and separately. Primary and secondary air are individually controlled by 2 separately motorized proportional actuators. Preheating the combustion air before blowing into the chamber improves combustion and machine efficiency.

Touch-screen Display

The sophisticated standard touch display is modern, comfortable and user-friendly. It is in colour with elegant graphics and smooth animations. Through intuitive and detailed graphics, the display shows the operation of hydraulic systems, motors and fans. The device has been designed to support future updates in the firmware architecture and its functions.


  • Technical data

    Power Dimension Kg
    25 kW L1240*H1540*D845 480
    32 kW L1323*H1540*D845 585
    38 kW L1323*H1540*D845 595
    48 kW L1700*H1660*D1000 810
    60 kW L1700*H1660*D1000 820
    80 kW L2000*H1660*D1100 1150
    100 kW L2000*H1660*D1100 1200
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  • Incentivi Conto Termico

    KW ZonaA ZonaB ZonaC ZonaD ZonaE ZonaF
    25 €2.025 €2.868 €3.712 €4.725 €5.737 €5.737
    32 €2.592 €3.672 €4.752 €6.048 €7.344 €7.776
    38 €3.420 €4.845 €6.270 €7.980 €9.690 €10.260
    48 €4.320 €6.120 €7.920 €10.080 €12.240 €12.960
    60 €5.283 €7.484 €9.685 €12.327 €14.968 €15.849
    80 €7.200 €10.200 €13.200 €16.800 €20.400 €21.600
    100 €9.000 €12.750 €16.500 €21.000 €25.500 €27.000