*The boiler is certified EN 303:5 class 5 with pellet.
Cantinola Plus can burns also olive pit by means of a special plate to be requested when ordering (optional).

Practical boiler with the highest rewarding coefficients equipped with automatic ignition and on/off programming.

Cantinola Plus

Boiler certified EN 303:5 in class 5 with powers from 15 to 31kW, useful for heating and producing DHW for small-medium surfaces (optional). Equipp ed with automatic ignition with g low plug and internal insulation on all surfaces. Cantinola Plus has a large fuel tank with screw conveyor system, whose capacity can be further increas ed thanks to a practical vertical extension or an auxiliary tank.
The sturdy cast iron brazier from Cantinola Plus has been designed to distribute heat e venly. The flame laps the steel exchange walls and expands homogeneously s o as to ensure hig hyields. The presence of turbulators favours the stress of the fumes in the tube bundle and improves the heat exchange. Cantinola Plus is equipp ed with a high efficiency circulator and expansion tank as standard. The boiler is further equipped with a touch-screen display with a quick and intuitive user interface for direct control of the boiler. The boiler can burn pellets and hazelnuts fully automatically. Cantinola Plus has 4 environmental stars and can benefit from the incentives provided for the thermal account 2.0.



Internal insulation

The particular material used for the insulation of the internal surfaces of Cantinola Plus reduces to a minimum the thermal dissipations towards the outside, thus increasing the efficiency of the boiler.


The presence of turbulators in the tube bundle increases the residence time of the fumes in the heat exchanger and activates their stress. Thus increasing the heat exchange and boiler efficiency.
Their vertical motion, manually activated, also guarantees the cleaning of the residues in the flue gas pipes.

Touch screen display

The intuitive and user-friendly 5” set the machine functions quickly (on/off, daily/weekly programming, combustion power, temperature…), as well as to check the operating status of the boiler.

Safety system

Cantinola Plus is equipped with different safety devices such as: depression sensor in the combustion chamber, maximum pressure valve, automatic vent valve and hydraulic pressure transducer of the system.


  • Powers

    Powers Dimensions kg
    15kw L-590*H-1173*D-651 220
    20kw L-590*H-1173*D-651 220
    24kw L-590*H-1173*D-651 220
    27kw L-590*H-1334*D-653 260
    31kw L-590*H-1334*D-653 260

    * Basic version (without compactor and tank extension).

  • Area Download

  • Incentivi Conto Termico

    KW ZonaA ZonaB ZonaC ZonaD ZonaE ZonaF
    15 €1.215 €1.721 €2.228 €2.835 €3.443 €3.645
    20 €1.620 €2.295 €2.970 €3.780 €4.590 €4.860
    24 €1.944 €2.754 €3.564 €4.536 €5.508 €5.832
    27 €2.187 €3.098 €4.010 €5.103 €6.197 €6.561
    31 €2.511 €3.557 €4.604 €5.859 €7.115 €7.533

    *the present incentives are to be understood as calculation simulations. The correct incentive will be the one issued by the GSE.