Reverse-flame gasification wood boiler. Lambda sensor as standard.


Aspiro Plus is the new generation of wood boiler with reverse flame and gasification signed Pasqualicchio. The reverse flame is an effective and intuitive technology that allows to have a more
stable power and a more controlled combustion, to the benefit of the efficiency. Aspiro Plus is the right boiler for those who want to heat in an economical and sustainable way, using wood as fuel and exploiting to the maximum its high calorific value guaranteed by a series of plus. The efficient combustion chamber of Aspiro Plus is located under the loading area. The flame, by suction, goes down into the combustion chamber and the fumes produced release their heat to the maximum thanks to the particular exchanger in which the turbulators are present. The presence of the same slows down the passage of the fumes improving the exchange and movement of the same (manually operated) also allows the cleaning of the tube bundle. The automatic regulation of the primary and secondary combustion air, guaranteed by the presence of the standard lambda probe, ensures that Aspiro Plus has the right supply of oxygen. The boiler is fully insulated so as to avoid mantle losses.


Intake reverse flame

The Aspiro Plus is a wood-fired boiler designed on the logic of combustion with inverted flame (gasification). This logic allows to have inverted and separated the loading area (upper) and the combustion chamber (lower). The flame ignited, by forced suction, passes into the combustion chamber and the fumes follow an obligator y and efficient path for the purpose of heat exchange.

Large load compartment and efficient chamber

The large capacity of the load compartment of the Aspiro Plus allows a large quantity of wood to be fed in, thus  increasing the autonomy of the boiler. In addition, the chamber of Aspiro Plus allows a perfect combustion.

Heat exchanger and cleaning

Aspiro Plus has a heat exchanger with 3 smoke revolutions and this allows to have a better heat exchange and a higher efficiency. The presence of turbulators in the flue gas passage slows down, as well as creates turbulence, to the same and consequently helps to release the maximum heat to the water. The heat exchanger can be cleaned simply and automatically by means of a lever located on the right side of the boiler and operated manually.

Lambda sensor

Aspiro Plus has two air intakes that automatically regulate the correct supply of primary and secondary combustion air according to demand. This system, thanks to the presence of the lambda sensor, allows to calibrate the right oxygen inlet also according to the type of wood used. The lambda sensor is fundamental in the combustion technique, since the brain self-regulates the quantity of oxygen useful for combustion, thus reducing emissions and significantly improving efficiency.

Lambda sensor

Thanks to the special electronics on board the machine, Aspiro Plus can work in a simple and automatic way. The intuitive display allows easy access to all boiler settings and functions. The electronics of Aspiro Plus allow to set the temperature, to set the combustion power, to manage the puffer, to regulate the heating circuits according to the room temperature, or to monitor all the functions and all the drives. Aspiro Plus is also equipped with a LAN port for internet connection, so as to control the heating (power and temperature) wherever you are.