Heater with a modern and attractive design. Silent, automatic and certified for thermal account 2.0.

*Artemide is certified EN 14785 class 5 with pellet fuel. It can also burn hazelnut through a special plate to be requested when ordering (optional).


Artemide is the new Pasqualicchio heating stove with glass front covering. It has an exclusive and distinctive design and it has a double front door, one with aesthetic function in black glass and one inside in glass-ceramic with concealed opening, to guarantee the safety of children. Artemide has: automatic ignition, practical cleaning mechanism of the tube bundle with manual activation, combustion chamber in refractory material resistant to high temperatures, hydraulic components with high efficiency circulator and expansion tank as standard, different system configurations and simple hydraulic interface.
Pasqualicchio con Artemide porta in casa calore e design tutto italiano. Opportunamente accessoriata, può produce acqua calda sanitaria. Grazie agli elevati rendimenti e alla bassa concentrazione di polveri nei fumi di combustione, Artemide è certificata per il conto termico 2.0, è a 4 stelle ambientali ed ha già tutti i requisiti imposti dalla normativa Ecodesign 2022. Efficienza, stile e risparmio sono garantiti.



Hermetically sealed tank

Artemide is equipped with a large fuel storage tank with a hermetic closing system that blocks the air intake from the external environment, thus creating complete insulation, guaranteeing better combustion and maximum efficiency.

Frontal glass cladding

Artemide satisfies lovers of modern style with its bold shapes and black glass front panel. Beautiful, linear and practical to clean it represents the perfect compromise between aesthetics, thanks to low emissions and high efficiency. and functionality with an eye to the environment.

Easy to clean

Artemide is easy to clean. The practical system with manual activation, allows to move, if necessary, the turbulators present in the smoke tubes. This mechanism allows to scrape, making practically fall, any residue leſt by the smoke inside the tube bundle.

Double door and secure opening

Artemide has an internal glass-ceramic door with hermetic closure and an external door with aesthetic function both with retractable opening handle. For maximum safety for children.

Hydraulic components and easy connection

Expansion tank and high-efficiency, fuel-efficient circulator are standard hydraulic components. Connection to the hydraulic network is quick and easy.


  • Technical data

    Dimension Kg
    15kw L-591*H-1158*D-614 250
    20kw L-591*H-1158*D-614 250
    24kw L-591*H-1158*D-614 250
    27kw L-591*H-1313*D-614 280
    31kw L-591*H-1313*D-614 280
  • Area Download

  • Incentivi Conto Termico

    KW ZonaA ZonaB ZonaC ZonaD ZonaE ZonaF
    15 €653 €925 €1.197 €1.524 €1.851 €1.960
    20 €723 €1.024 €1.325 €1.686 €2.047 €2.168
    24 €767 €1.086 €1.405 €1.789 €2.172 €2.300
    27 €795 €1.126 €1.457 €1.855 €2.252 €2.385
    31 €828 €1.173 €1.519 €1.933 €2.347 €2.485

    These amounts are to be considered as calculation simulations.
    The exact incentive will be the one provided by the GSE, followed by acceptance of the thermal account request.
    For the determination of the climate band to which it belongs, we recommend consultation on dedicated web portals.