Ventilated pellet stove with majolica reliefs for elegant and luxurious environments.

*Aphrodite Hydro is certified EN 14785 class 5 with pellet fuel. It can also burn hazelnut through a special plate to be requested when ordering (optional).

Aphrodite Hydro

Thermostove with elegant design certified for the thermal account with the highest coefficients of reward, composed of frontal and lateral coating in fine majolica, automatic ignition, combustion chamber in refractory, brazier in cast iron, tank with minimum fuel level sensor, cleaning of the tube bundle with turbulators, front door in ceramic glass with safety lock, drawer for collecting ashes, pop-up display, upper ventilation can be deactivated, high efficiency circulator and expansion tank, different system configurations.



Glass-ceramic door with safety lock

Aphrodite Hydro features a glass-ceramic door with retractable opening handle. For maximum safety for the little ones.

Hydraulic components and simple connection

Expansion vessel and highly efficient, fuel-efficient circulator are standard hydraulic components. Connection to the hydraulic network is quick and easy.


  • Technical data

    Power Dimension kg
    15kw L-513*H-1100*D-533 160
  • Area Download

  • Incentivi Conto Termico

    KW ZonaA ZonaB ZonaC ZonaD ZonaE ZonaF
    15 €653 €925 €1.197 €1.524 €1.851 €1.960

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